A New Look For Me

I’ve never been one to splash my mug shot around (one look and you will see why *grin*) but… I never had one that looked like this before. One of the wonderful things that happened to me as a result of beginning to write was I connected with a huge pool of wonderful authors and illustrators, all passionate about children’s literature. I made many new friends. And one of those was illustrator Sarah Davis, so talented she can make me look good. And also magically able to see inside my head and find all those Samurai Kids roaming about. A picture is worth a thousand words, which for me is about a third of a chapter. But this picture – worth a whole book. It makes me feel, and look, like an author. Thanks Sarah.

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2 responses to “A New Look For Me”

  1. Hi Sandy,
    Was able to snatch a copy of ‘Polary Boy’ off my mate and it ROCKS! Miki is so funny what with how shes cheeky or trips Illuak but Nana sounds cool. Ill write a review for my blog, maybe Sunday because I have acting club and a session of my writing group Saturday.
    From Brenton Cullen

  2. A great photo and a brilliantly created image! Sarah’s very clever (talented too), but I doubt she had to work too hard to make you look good 🙂


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