12 more things about me….

13. My favourite series is Brotherband by John Flanagan.

14. My favourite series is Duncton Wood by William Horwood

15. You cannot trust me when I tell you my favourite series. I keep changing my mind.

16. I can play the violin abysmally and I’m even worse on the shakuhachi flute

17. I am afraid of samurai swords, polar bears, grizzly bears and lava flows.

18. I think numbers are fun because you can make patterns out of them.

19. I think words are fun because you can make patterns out of them

20. I went to Egypt to touch the pyramids.

21. I collect Pokemon cards and I love Lego. Especially Ninjago

22. I am interested in family history even though all my ancestors were very ordinary.

23. I am very ordinary.

24. But I am a little bit famous. In the streets of Grenfell there are stars in the pavement, embossed with the names of Nobel prize writers, international films stars, national heroes and… me. It’s true. You can read the story here…

                             and that’s more than enough about me.