Are You a Morning or a Night Person?

morning person I’m a night person. Unless 2am in the morning makes me a morning person.

I’ll choose the hoot of an owl and the howl of a wolf over morning birds twittering, any day.

I’m not a sleep-until-noon person either. I’m up by 8am. I’ve never needed the recommended 7 – 9 hours.

According to research published in the journal, Frontiers Of Neurology, it’s all in our genes. The preference for morning or evening is known as a chronotype (just love those scientific type words – phenotype, genotype, somatotype… – they roll off the tongue like musical notes).


Studies were carried out on fruit flies but because the genetics of insects and humans are similar, it is expected these findings can be extended to humans.

The researchers are trying to find targets for treatments to overcome particular chronotypes.

No thank you. I’m happy to be a night owl. I don’t want to be normalised.

For more information about Early Birds vs Night Owls check out the You Tube video below.

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