#auswrites – late to the party

I’ve been busy lately and #auswrites slipped by me. Until today. And even though today is Day 15 of every second day through to 27 October, I’m not phased. When you’re a carer, catching up is a way of life and an essential survival skill.



Day 1: Introduce yourself

I’m Sandy. I read, I write (books for kids and code for software), I play Pokemon Go (for exercise of course!), occasionally crochet and in my spare time, I read some more. I love the Internet, chocolate, sushi, frogs and dragonflies. I wish I could make our government care enough to do the right thing abut Nauru, asylum seekers, the healthcare system, public education and homelessness.

Day 3: Favourite Genre to Write In

I don’t think I’ll ever write anything that’s not for kids. I’m not tempted at all. I’m in my comfort zone. I read once you write the age you are inside – inside me is an 11 year old boy. I particularly like writing historical fantasy for kids.


Day 5: Favourite Aussie author

Seriously? I’m supposed to have an answer for this. I don’t have one favourite. I have many favourites. If I had to highlight just one of my favourites I’d say Sofie Laguna – because she writes beautiful picture books, children’s fiction and adult fiction that make my heart hurt.

“I ran from wall to wall, my cells spinning me around the rooms, one after the other. Hallway! Kitchen! Bedroom! Bathroom! Sitting room! Hallway! Nobody could stop me! … I was faster than the speed of light. I knew if it went on much longer I would disintegrate…” – Eye of the Sheep

Day 7: Do you set stories in Aus?

So far, only one. It’s the story of a girl with synesthesia and a Japanese boy who is in Australia as an exchange student. It’s set in modern day Cowra against a backdrop of the 1944 Cowra Prison Breakout.

Day 9: What are you working on?

A middle grade fantasy, opening in a cemetery, called Algernon and the Outside Girl. I have a complete first draft with chapters in various stages of editing.

Day 11: A word you overuse

But. But I need to use it a lot…

Day 13: Recommend another Aussie

Karen Foxlee writes wonderful books. A Most Magical Girl is my favourite so far and I’m super excited to have a copy of her latest Lenny’s Book of Everything on my desk. The anticipation is killing me! I need time…



And now I’m up to date and can tweet Day 15.


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  1. Oliver Phommavanh says:

    Nice way to summarise #auswrites Sandy! Can’t wait to read Algornon 🙂

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