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One of my favourite blogs is Megan Daley’s Children’s Books Daily. Megan must be one of the most dynamic, innovative and enthusiastic librarians in the whole world. Inspiring too. I never miss a post and I learn stuff all the time. childrens books daily

Today’s post, Books for Early Independent Readers , subtitled “My Child is Reading Chapter Books and I Can’t Find ANYTHING for Them To Read” was about reading options for keen readers who are ready to move beyond chapter books.

The book recommendations and tips are worth a read alone (so you should take the hint and go as soon as you finish reading this post) but what reached out to me was the last three paragraphs – a discussion of the difference role of classroom readers and self-selected library books – and the importance of both.

I immediately wanted to cut and paste this everywhere but there’s a law against that (and so there should be) – instead here’s an allowable snippet:

Books borrowed from a library or purchased from a bookstore are self-selected, recreational reads and are how young people develop an emotional attachment to reading and develop lifelong reading habits. 

You’ll find the rest of the post here. Go now.

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