Bookworm – Proof that Spelling Can Be Fun

I haven’t blogged for ages as I’ve been ill. Meningitis is such a nasty word and the my recovery period decided to go it’s own way. The long way. It’s taken six months and multiple hospital visits for me to be on-line again. And I’ve even been playing! I live in a house of keen game-players but it’s not often something catches my interest.

I’m always on the lookout for educational software that is fun. The sort kids think is fun and actively want to play – not necessarily the same software as what adults think will teach their kids something! I’d forgotten about this one but its entertaining for adults (beware, I can attest to its ability to waste your time!) and will equally drag the kids in (also great fun to pay together). By making words to save the library from fire, kids will not only improve their spelling but also learn new words. There is no time limit so no pressure – which makes it equally good for struggling spellers.

You can download a free trial copy from here and it is also available as an iPhone app (I downloaded it on to my iPad and it works there too)

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5 responses to “Bookworm – Proof that Spelling Can Be Fun”

  1. JudiJ says:

    Welcome back, Sandy – we’ve missed you. Not only online but at lit events too. Hooray that you are now well enough to blog again and also bring us more Little Cockroaches adventures. Warm regards

  2. SO wonderful to have you back, Sandy – have missed you SO much. So hope you are strengthening each and every day. Big kisses, Tx

  3. katswhiskers says:

    Welcome back, lovely lady. Sorry you have been so crook. What an awful awful word! Hope that the worst is behind you now. Hugs. Kat xx

  4. Love that you are well enough to be blogging again. Such a good sign that it’s all onwards and upwards now. Vicki xoxo

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