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The Six Picture Books I’m Gifting for Christmas

All of these books have a great story and brilliant illustrations. And they’re Australian. They wouldn’t make my Christmas giving list otherwise. What I want to share here is what makes them special to… Continue reading

Incidental Comics & the December 18 Challenge

This is a blog post from my Posts from Posts series where other people’s blog posts and web site content inspire me to write a blog post of my own. One of… Continue reading

Read Like a Writer, Write Like a Reader?

One of the things I love about social media is it makes my brain buzz. Read like a Reader, Read Like a Writer About a week ago I wandered into a conversation going on in… Continue reading

Advice for Slow Writers

I’ve come to accept that in the writing world, I’m a tortoise. I’m still a little envious when I see spectacular word counts trumpeted on Twitter. And impressed and inspired. But no matter… Continue reading

How to dress up as a Samurai Kid for CBCA Book Week

I love CBCA Book Week although I think it should be called Book Month because on my calendar, it takes up most of August. The 2017 theme is Escape to Everywhere. Imagine the… Continue reading

How to reduce the size of image rich files

The problem: A friend emailed to say her Word document newsletter file was too big and even when she PDF’d it, the file size didn’t decrease. She was stumped. It had never happened before…. Continue reading

SCBWI Andrea Pinkney Award

I love first pages. Some people judge a book by its cover and I’ve done that too. But for me, the first page is king. If the first page is wonderful, I’m… Continue reading

5 of This or 10 of That – It Ends Here

I’ve read all those posts about crafting snappy, snazzy blog post titles. I’ve even listened a little and I can see the appeal of 5 of this or 10 of that. What… Continue reading

Week 3-4 #STUBC16: Where I Want to Visit

Week 3 of the Student Blogging Challenge is  free choice and Week 4 is “About Your World”. Some of my students are doing Activity 7 “The Place I Would Like to Visit Most”. That… Continue reading

The Book Faeries Cometh

The Christmas book faeries came to visit me last week and left a string of lovely reviews for Sad, the Dog in places I never expected to see them – the Sydney… Continue reading