I’ve always loved science fiction ever since I discovered Isaac Asimov’s Foundation series in my high school library. I am currently enjoying The Chronicles of Rosie Black, a high-action story set on Earth and Mars, 500 years in the future.
One of the things I really like about science fiction is the gadgets and technology. It’s interesting to see how many once fictional ideas are, years later, remarkably close to science fact. The Chronicles of Rose Black has a strong focus on gadgets and technology whether they are weaved seamlessly into setting description or explained in detail.
I couldn’t tell where fiction ended and fact began. Who better to ask than the author herself? Today, to celebrate the release of the Equinox, the second book in the series, I’m talking to Lara Morgan about the science behind The Chronicles of Rosie Black.
Do you have a background in science or technology?
I don’t so all the science came with a lot of research! I have always had a fascination with space and the stars –  I think it came out of a love of Star Wars (the original film of course) – and used to spend hours as a kid staring up at the sky at night wondering what was out there so writing in a sci fi world is something that I really wanted to do. I also have a friend with a PhD in astronomy which really helps. 
How do you come up with ideas for new technology? Is there always an element of fact in every idea or are some ideas purely imagination?
Some of the inspiration came from articles I’d read on theories for future technologies and others are straight from my imagination based on how I thought things might work in Rosie’s world. There generally is an element of fact in the technology though as I wanted to make things seem real and not just completely like something copied from Star Trek.
How important do you feel gadgets and technology are in science fiction?
Futuristic gadgets and tech really help ground the story in the world so it’s important to have reference to them so the reader knows the world they are reading about is not their own, but I don’t believe in making up gadgets just for the sake of it. All the technology and gadgets in Rosie’s story are there for a purpose, I’m not interested in making up bits and doodads for my own amusement. I’d rather just get on with the character’s story.
Books with a basis in technology have a strong appeal for young adult male readers. Did this view point influence your choice of a female main character?
It’s not something I thought about. I just write the  story that comes to me from the viewpoint of the character who I feel it should come through and for this one it was Rosie. I can’t think about who the reader may be when I’m writing because it makes me feel someone is looking over my shoulder while I’m working and I can’t write like that.

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