Cutting, pasting and blogtouring

I love cutting and pasting – ever since I was given a pair of plastic scissors (bright yellow!) and a pot of Perkins paste (bright pink!) in kindergarten. I’ve spent my parenting years hovering over school projects hoping to be asked to cut and place a picture (although more often than not being told to butt out!!). And then I discovered scrapbooking – where its OK for an adult to play with scissors and glue. I don’t do all the fancy stuff. I like my cutting and pasting kept simple. It’s great fun and very relaxing.

Lately I’ve had no time for such frivolities. The materials are not so easy to find as scrapbooking has had its popularity spike and the suburban stores have disappeared. Only us die-hards are left. Everything is on-line now. Not just the materials, even the process itself has gone digital. e-scrapbooking!!! It’s sooo easy and much quicker.

But to me its not the same. Where is the thrill of the cut and paste? The feel of the paper in my hand? Deja vu. I’ve been here before. It’s the ebook scenario all over again. Still, it gives me hope. There’s always going to be room for both. I am not anti ebooks in any shape or form – and yes I have an ipad for reading too. But I equally love the feel of a book in my hand, the turn of the paper page and the spines all lined up on my bookshelf.

My newest shelf sitter is the first book in Aleesah Darlison‘s Totally Twins series, Musical Mayhem. Tomorrow I have the privlege of launching Aleesah’s blog tour. Drop back in when I pop the virtual champagne cork and interview Aleesah about the series, its promotion and her future plans.

Check out the other stops on the Totally Twins Mega Tour:

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Monday 11 Oct The Book Chook with Susan Stephenson
Tuesday 12 Oct Book Blog with Dave Hibbins
Wednesday 13 Oct Alphabet Soup Blog with Rebecca Newman
Thursday 14 Oct From the Mouths of Babes with Katrina Roe
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3 responses to “Cutting, pasting and blogtouring”

  1. Katrina says:

    Hi Sandy, Wishing you and Aleesah and great launch tomorrow. Looks like Aleesah has a wonderful tour lined up.

  2. Sally Hall says:

    Hi Sandy,
    Have you discovered the craft store in Wollongong? Riot Art and Craft in the old Camera House shop in the mall. They have some great stuff – I spent a fortune in there the other day on craft stuff to keep the kids amused in the holidays (and a bit for me too!).
    Thanks for the list of book tour sites – I’ll definately be following along.

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