Presentations tailored to suit Years 3 – 8 (ACELT1594, 159
9, 1600, 1604, 1605, 1608, 1612, 1613, 1617, 1619, 1621, 1622, 1626,1630,1805,1807) Sad the Dog only Years K – 3

Slide 3The Loud Noises and Pointy Sticks Tour
 – Where I bang a gong, swing a sword and attempt to play a few notes on my shakuhachi flute while talking about my writing life. Focus areas – how I became a writer, what skills a writer needs (hint: read, read, read), the story behind my book, researching history hands on and five writing tips to take back to the classroom.


slide1Meet the Samurai Kids – How Niya, Mikko, Kyoko,Taji, Yoshi and Sensei took me to Japan, about my research and the strange things that happen when researching, blending fact and fictionChina, Korea and Cambodia and back. Focus areas – the Samurai Kids series, disability theme, Asia theme, how to use your imagination to write about times and places you’ve never been with practical examples for classroom writing



sad slideHow to Make a Sad Dog Happy – Reading of Sad the Dog, talking about what a pet needs, what makes it happy, what makes it sad. Optional origami for smaller groups




slide4Time Travelling with Sandy
 – All about writing historical fiction. Focus areas –  stories about researching and the strange things that happen, blending fact and fiction, using real people, creating another time