Goal Setting with Trello

There are lots of posts about setting goals and quite a few about setting goals with Trello. Trello’s tag line is ‘Organise Your Life’ and I can verify that yes, it does exactly that. With boards, lists and cards. It’s that simple.

Or it can be as complicated as you want to make it. But I’m all for keeping things simple. My advice? Get a free Trello account and get started.

Step 1: Create a board

I name all my goal boards exactly the same – except for the year – with a little help from Buzz Lightyear. This year’s board is To 2017 and Beyond.

Step 2: Add lists

I create 6 lists because, keeping it simple, that’s the number I can see displayed on my laptop screen at any one time. My lists are What I Want to Do (Personal), What I Want to Do (Writing), What I Want to Do (Tech/Social Media), What I Want to Do (Craft), What I Want to Be and What I Want to Have. I used to have Where I Want to Go but I swapped that out because none of the places I want to go are doable for 2017.

Step 3: Add Cards

I add up to 8 cards in each list (because that’s the number I can see displayed on my laptop screen at any one time). I prioritise each card with a colour coded label – Most Important, Mid Important or Least Important and also use labels to indicate status – In progress and Done. To add names to the labels you need to install the free Trello Chrome extension Card Color Titles for Trello from the Chrome Web Store Store. For some cards I might add a due date (the date I want to have the goal achieved by) or a checklist (if the goal involves discrete steps). You can see symbols for those on the front of any card.

Step 4: Rest on My  Laurels

Every now and then, about four times a year, I check in to see how I’m doing and maybe rearrange a goal or two. But mostly it’s about feeling good about taking steps in a positivedirection. Works for me!

For easy, basic instructions on setting up boards, list and card for goals, visit Getting Started With Trello.

For a more complex goal setting strategy, try this Trello template from Keith Gutierrez at Manage Inbound. It’s a marketing goals template but works just as well for personal goals.

What do you think? Are you up for setting some goals using Trello?

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