Happy Book Weeking

I love Book Week and this year my dance card is overflowing. There are two things I am sure of – 1) I’ll reach the end of my seven days absolutely exhausted and 2) I will be totally exhilarated and inspired to write. (I have also just learned how to spell exhilarated. I really thought there were two ‘i’s!)

So where am I off to, on The Pointy Sticks and Loud Noises Tour, waving my bokken, blowing my shakuhachi flute and banging my gong? Willoughby City Council Library, Mosman Library, Stanton Library North Sydney, Lane Cove Library, Kogarah Library, Oatley PS, Blakehurst PS, Carlton South PS, North Sydney for a Video Conference, Warrawee Ps and Ultimo Ps. Whew!

I am madly making origami samurai hats for all the new friends I will meet.

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2 responses to “Happy Book Weeking”

  1. Love the hat, Sandy.

    I know I’m an old friend, but can I have one…please. It’s the colours of my football team…see you must be psychic:-)

    Sounds like you’ve been having a blast for book week. Keep having fun:-)

  2. Busy, busy girl. I bet you have fun though!


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