I am Grateful For …

I am a regular visitor to Anita Heiss Blog. I particularly enjoy her I am grateful for… posts and you can find the most recent one here.

Lately I have felt weighed down by the layers and layers of small problems that have descended on me en mass and I have found myself often saying “I am grateful for…” and filling in the blanks.
It happened again this morning. As I returned from a visit to the tyre shop (never a promising start to a day) and a rushed ‘hand in the assignment on time’ dash to school, all the while feeling a little under the weather due to my antiobiotic cocktail to deal with ‘the Book Week Toe Trauma’, the delivery man waved as our cars passed on the hill. I am a regular stop on his route as he drops off review books.

I found myself thinking: I am grateful for people in my neighbourhood who smile and wave. I am grateful for the wonderful review books delivered to my door. I am grateful for stories that take me to another place. I am grateful for my writing friends.

Just as layers of problems can weigh me down, I have found these layers of “I am grateful for’ lift my soul much higher. And I am grateful that Anita Heiss showed me how it was done.

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8 responses to “I am Grateful For …”

  1. Thanks for the good thoughts to start my day–I just sat and thought of several things I’m grateful for, and it DID give me a lift!

  2. Nathan Luff says:

    I agree – a great way to start the day and a great philosophy when everything starts piling up. I thought I’d share this from Woody Allen:
    I am grateful for laughter, except when milk comes out my nose.

  3. Hi Willow, Good to see you here. I added your blog to my Google Reader after I found it via the Children’s Literature Carnival. Some great covers on your recent review posts.

  4. Thanks for the Woody Allen quote Nathan. He is guaranteed to make me laugh but I particularly like that one!

  5. jrpoulter says:

    Thank you Sandy and thank you Anita!
    When bad things hit, I have always told me kids, each new day is a present to be unwrapped – a new beginning, another chance…. taking and going with that opportunity is your choice, take it, you have nothing to lose, everything to gain by keeping your focus forward looking and positive! 🙂

  6. I’m grateful for people who have the capacity realise and appreciate the good things in their lives. And I’m grateful that I’m one of them 🙂 Peace to you Sandy!@

  7. Anonymous says:

    Hi Sandy, my little boy missed out on a book at his school yesterday, I tried to find them at all the book stores no such luck, just wanted to know where we could get one and if your doing anymore book signings in the Illawarra. Thank you.

  8. Hi there,

    I’m glad to hear your son is keen to read. You can always find my books in stock at Wollongong Uni Bookshop or order them on-line from http://www.booktopia.com.au or http://www.boomerangbooks.com.au But if you email me at samuraikids~at~people.net.au (replace ~at~ with @ when emailing) then I can certainly arrange a signed book. I am sure your son would like that *smile* 🙂 Sandy

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