I suffer from puijilittatuq

You know that feeling when your brain is buzzing, the lights are flashing and the world is greener than ever and you can’t sleep because you just have to write it all down….

And often you can’t because there are too many ideas and smells and images and nowhere near enough words? So you just sit there and dream.

There’s a word for that feeling and I found it today. I have spent most of the afternoon learning to spell it.

It’s an Inuit word which translates to:  “He does not know which way to turn because of the many seals he has seen come to the ice surface.”
As a writer I suffer from chronic puijilittatuq. I would be so much more prolific and probably a much better writer if I could only get this problem under control. Not a hope though. I’ve been like this all my life.

I’d like to know how to pronounce it. Does anyone have any ideas? Even Google failed me. All it had to offer was it’s not a valid Scrabble word and there are no images to match it on Flickr. I could have guessed that!

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