I’ve been to New Zealand (sort of)

I have been expecting to receive a ‘Worst Blogger in the Universe’ award any day now. But *phew* it seems I have avoided the dishonour and managed to take up the blog pen again just in time. So now for my excuse… I have been busy both writing and being a writer. The latter has been the most time-consuming of all with lots of school visits, workshops and speaking engagements. I’ll be blogging about those over the following few days.

I have also been working hard *cough, splutter* to finish the last draft of Fire Lizard (Samurai Kids 5). I am not a good finisher of projects. This is how I first knew I was destined to be a writer – I actually finished (most of) the manuscripts I started. But now the idea for Samurai kids 6 is hammering at my brain and I am in a hurry to get to it. I’ve seen the first paragraph and that’s huge green light for me. My foot is hovering over the accelerator. It’s taking all my self control to finish Fire Lizard before I ram my foot down and go. And then there’s Lion Heart. I really want to write that too.

In my defence I haven’t technically not been blogging. I have been globetrotting – visiting Wellington Library’s Kid’s Blog (in New Zealand) for the past three weeks. You can find my blogs about Writing History here:

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