Keira High Iquanids

Year 8i (code name Iquanids), an all boys English class at Keira High School, is reading Samuari Kids: White Crane with their teacher. Yesterday I was lucky enough to spend an hour with the boys talking about being an author, the Samurai kids series and books in general. There were lots of insightful questions,

Look at the beautiful flowers they gave me! Japanese theme complete with two large bamboo stems that I am going to keep and use when I do samurai dress-ups in some of my Stage 2 presentations.  I also received a big, beautiful card that they all wrote messages on. And Ciaran gave me some of his haiku.

This one is my favourite. It’s called The Blizzard.
Freezing cold whiteness
Blowing fiercely and strongly
Showing no remorse.

No wonder I always come away from school visits inspired all anew.

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One response to “Keira High Iquanids”

  1. Sounds like a great afternoon.Late last year one of our year 4 classes were learning about the Aztecs. I introduced Mrs. Kerr to Jaguar Warrior and she read the book to the class. I know they enjoyed the book.

    They were impressed that I was in the acknowledgments.


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