Literacy Lava Issue 2 Now Available

The best thing about the Internet – blogging, twittering and face booking – is the new friends I make who share my common interest in children’s literature. Next best is the new information I learn. And here is something that combines the best of both – the Book Chook (alias Sue Stephenson), editor of Literacy Lava Magazine. To take the words ‘out of the chook’s mouth’ (so to speak *grin*):

Literacy Lava is a free pdf ezine for parents, offering tips on ways to incorporate reading, writing and communicating into family life.

In the second edition of Literacy Lava, you’ll find ideas: for motivating reluctant readers, for literacy on the go, for developing the imagination muscle, for linking math and literacy, for having a pirate party and a book picnic, for rhymes, games, activities and more!
Brought to you by bloggers and writers who are passionate about children’s literature and literacy, Literacy Lava 2 is erupting with no- or low-cost activities parents can do with their kids.

So, if you think you’d like a little lava to read with your java… If the price tag FREE appeals to you…

Download Literacy Lava Edition 2 here.

I like Literacy Lava so much I contributed to the second issue. You’ll find my article BRRR… Learning to Read Isn’t Always Cool on p8.

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