MONKEY FIST BLOG TOUR Day 2 – Orangedale Journal

It’s blog tour day 2 and I’m visiting Orangedale Journal where Dale Harcombe, poet and children’s author (latest release The Mystery of Goanna Island) is interviewing me about writing Samurai Kids.

To find out more about life in 17th century samurai Japan visit the Samurai Kids website and download a fact sheet. Fact sheets cover a range of topics such as legendary samurai, gutsy girl samurai, sword testing on criminals, seppuku, castle defences and more.

Tomorrow you can find me at Lets’ Have Words where I will be talking to Claire Saxby, children’s author (latest release Sheep, Goat and the creaking gate August 2009) about the unique challenge in writing a historical novel about a group of children with disabilities. The complete tour schedule is here.

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