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I’ve been avoiding podcasts for a while now. Closing my ears and pretending they don’t exist. The Love of my Life is a big fan but even that didn’t convince me. Until One More Page appeared and little snippets kept snagging my attention. You’re missing out on good stuff, was the subtext of those snippets.

I ignored that, too, pretending I didn’t hear anything. I didn’t know how to listen to a podcast, where to download them, how to play them. And although I love most things tech, I decided it was an app too far. I can hear the eye rolling and yes, I’ve since discovered it was simply a matter of listening to Podcasts on Spotify instead of songs.

So here I am, one of One More Page newest and biggest fans, and with a growing list of interesting podcast prospects threatening to outstrip my music lists.

Nat, Liz and Kate are blatantly, in your face, having a good time being enthusiastic about all things kid lit.

If there’s one word to describe One More Page, it’s enthusiasm. Other words that come to mind are fun, interesting, crazy and informative. Nat, Liz and Kate are blatantly, in your face, having a good time being enthusiastic about all things kid lit.


As an author, I find the interviews are always fascinating. I’m discovering how others work and how their stories unfold.  Tristan Bancks sometimes writes the first draft with himself as the main character. I’m learning about illustrating. I’m hearing from all sorts of book industry people. Anna McFarlane from Allen & Unwin taught me the difference between a publisher and an editor. I enjoy hearing the book recommendations. As the reviewer for the Sunday Telegraph I’m fortunate enough to have read most of the books mentioned or have them sitting waiting for me.

The regular section with young readers is always fun and I love it’s message. You can’t have kid lit without the kids. One young interviewer elicited this wise advice from Jules Faber. That you have to keep drawing because it will always get better. It will never get worse. It’s all about practice.

I’m loving One More Page three-fold.

I’m loving One More Page three-fold:

  • I learn stuff and I laugh – two of my favourite things to do
  • It’s opened the door to the wider world of podcasts – I’ve created a list I’m gradually working my way through (some are not even book related!)
  • Cooking the dinner is no longer a chore. I’ve moved the Google Home device into the kitchen and every night I command it: “Hey Google, play One More Page” or whatever else is next on my list

And I’m only up to Episode 7! I’m stretching out catching up on purpose, while I’m busy finding podcasts almost as good to fill the gaps.

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4 responses to “One More Page and Me”

  1. Liz says:

    Hi Sandy – just came across this post, wow! And thank you!! Super excited you’ve entered the world of podcasts (warning: addictive) and thanks so much for all your kind words about One More Page!

  2. sandy says:

    I can’t believe I was so slow to catch on to podcasts. So convenient. I’ve got a sizeable list to work through now, but One More Page is still my favourite. Keep up the great work!

  3. Sandy, your techno info download stuff is brilliant! Esp the organising sheet … I so need it. 😁

    • sandy says:

      Thank you, Sheryl. I’ve just nailed a big item on my To Do List and will be sharing that next. I have achieved the mythical zero Inbox. It’s such a good feeling!

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