No -one is ever too old for a good picture book. I had shelves full before my children were born and I’m still buying them long after my boys have grown out of them. I used to say “I’m putting these away for my kids…” Now I just tell the truth “These are for me.

Purinina, a Devil’s Tale – Christina Booth – Hachette Livre (Lothian) – hardback – rrp $28.95

Purinina, a Devil’s Tale tells the story of a Tasmanian Devil, one of our unique mammals younger children are often unfamiliar with.

Little Purinina lives with her family at the bottom of the world. She learns to play and search for food. She growls, snorts and snarls. Nowhere is safe from the reach of Man and eventually two men appear outside Purinina’s cave. But this is a gentle tale of hope and the human interlopers choose to leave the Devils alone. Purinina grows up to have a family of her own.

The language is simple and almost poetic. The illustrations are stunning, guaranteed to appeal to adult and child alike.

Author and illustrator Christina Booth grew up in Tasmania and hopes her book will draw attention to these often misunderstood animals. Purinina is their Tasmanian Aboriginal name. Early European settlers called them Devils when they heard their bloodcurdling cries coming from the bush at night.

The book includes a glossary of Devilish Details – information about habitat, habits and lifecycle. Did you know the Tasmanian Devil is a good swimmer? Or that its fur is soft like a cat?

Particularly suited to children 4 to 7 years, ‘Purinina, a Devil’s Tale’ would make a beautiful Aussie gift for an overseas relative or friend.

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  1. Sandy, I’m an unashamed picture book collector, and I’m still a few years off having children! My shelves are also lined with children’s animated movies. I used to use the excuse that I was shopping for my workplace when caught in the kid’s section of the bookstore, but I’ve embraced the truth now – kidlit lover, loud and proud 🙂


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