I’ve been on holidays – no internet, not even mobile phone coverage – out on a sheep farm in central west NSW. So tonight, finally home, I am taking a short cut and posting an old favourite. A good picture book lasts a lifetime anyway so what’s a year or two matter between reviewing and re-reading – over and over again?

Little Jingle Says No!
By Kerrie O’Connor. Allen & Unwin. RRP $24.95

Mama and Papa Jingle are having a baby. Together, with taller Jingle and middle Jingle, they suggest baby names. But little Jingle hates them all! He has his own ideas.

Al, Adrian, Atticus, Aladdin, the family suggest.

‘No,” argues little Jingle. We’ll call him Blockhead!”

Not only is this book a fun read-aloud story, it has a secret. As the family proffer sensible names beginning with the same letter, Little Jingle suggests a silly one beginning with the next letter of the alphabet. Once my son picked the pattern, he would loudly and enthusiastically suggest his own horrible baby name after I read the sensible ones.

This is a wonderful interactive book with eye-catching illustrations. Toddlers will love it and so will Year Ones and every child in between.

My review wouldn’t be complete without consulting an expert. “Bestest book ever,” six-year-old Cassidy said. And we read it again, and again… And the follow up report: “Bestest book ever Mum. I’ve already told you that!”

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