Sad the Dog: Free Knitting Pattern

Sad - original sm

Original Sad

In a bright light bulb moment about six months ago, I decided it would be a good idea to have a knitted Sad to help tell the story when I was reading Sad, the Dog to young listeners.

A good friend is a brilliant knitter. She quickly found a suitable pattern and in no time, I had not one Sad but two, in different sizes.

They looked great. Looked so good that my publisher suggested we give one away as a launch prize.

The sales reps loved them and even bookstore staff were smitten.

Lots of knitters wanted the pattern. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could distribute it?

sad sm

Sad – first draft

That was a problem.

While the purchase of a pattern entitles the buyer to knit multiple items and even sell them, the pattern itself is copyright.

But I’m a knitter from way back. Surely, I thought, I could create my own unique, copyrighted pattern – and I could distribute that.

Much easier thought than done. The cupboard was empty. Ten years ago, I decided I wasn’t knitting any more and donated away a substantial collection of knitting and crochet needles of every size.

But new equipment was  purchased and the hands remembered what the brain had forgotten. Three more knitted Sads later, I can still, on odd occasions, be heard muttering distractedly, “Who would have thought there was so much knitting in picture books?”

I’ve since started another knitting project. I’ve rediscovered how meditative and enjoyable knitting can be.

Is there no end to the doors books open?

If you would like to download the free pattern for Sad the Dog, click here. If you would like to purchase the pattern for the original knitted Sad from Etsy (current cost $8.78), click here.

Sad the dog pattern sm

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  1. […] My own initial Sad the Dog tinkering was more traditional and no-tech. I decided to make a Sad knitted toy – to design my own pattern – something I’d never done before. If you want to see how that turned out you can download the pattern here. […]

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