People keep asking me why I don’t blog about my writing. I guess it’s because I’m a bit obstinate and somewhere early along the line decided this was a books and reading blog. I love reading. As a kid I was always being told ‘It’s rude to read over someone’s shoulder.’ But I couldn’t help it. Words drew me. Even if I knew it was just an ad that was sure to say: “Tomatoes $4.99 a kg” *sigh* A real addict. But I am also a writer. Every day. Almost as much as I am a reader. And writers don’t need much encouragement to write about themselves so I’ve decided to re-rule the line. From here on in… on Wednesday Sandy Writes about when Sandy writes! How self indulgent is that.

Tonight I am working on the fifth book in the Samurai Kids series and I am in research mode. I love this part of the writing process. One of the things I try to do is immerse my self in the language culture of the times. The best way for me to do that is to find primary sources, texts written mid 17th century Japan. My personal favourite companion for The Samurai Kids series in general is Miyamoto Musashi’s Book of Five Rings. Considered the best swordsman of all time, Musashi retired unbeaten to a cave on a hillside to write his philsophy of swordsmanship – a practical manual of warfare tactics still used in some military institutions today.

While it is a wonderful reference for all things sharp and samurai, it’s much more than that. It’s my compass. I read and re-read in cycles. The day doesn’t begin at 7am for me. Musashi and I face the day together, in the first hour of the Dragon.

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2 responses to “SANDY WRITES”

  1. Aha! I knew you must have done heaps of research for Samurai Kids, because it is so authentic. I love peeking into someone else’s writing process – glad you’re indulging yourself, and me!

    Almost the second hour of the Dragon, must be time to set off on my walk …

  2. SANDY says:

    I am a real research junkie. It’s almost as much fun as the writing. I begin every book with a period of totally self indulgent research.

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