So I have a Clutter Problem

It’s true. I am surrounded by clutter. I have been like this all my adult life. As a child the rule in my family home was ‘bedrooms are only for sleeping’. So the one room in the house I could call my own had nothing in it that said it belonged to me. There was a bookcase but it was removed because I was suspected of reading when I was supposed to be going to sleep. I wasn’t reading but I was up to someting. My mum had another rule ‘homework is given by teachers who don’t get their wok done in class’. The time I was allowed for homework was never enough – so I did it by torchlight under the covers when I went to bed.

But back to the clutter issue. In the Sunday paper there is a ‘7 days’ feature. Last weekend it was “7 days to declutter your life.”

Monday  Start in a room, work for 15 mins. Move on.
This didn’t work for me. the only room I have any real control over is my office. It’s full of books. None of them are clutter.

Tuesday  Sort paperwork – the bills kind.
Snap! I already do this. When I was sick last year, I had no energy for anything. So I caught up on the paperwork. I discovered so many errors that had cost me money I resolved to always be up to date. Good thing too. The errors haven’t stopped. Last week my health fund underpaid a dental claim by $100.

Wednesday  Update your wardrobe. Throw out wasn’t doesn’t fit.
No. I am not a clothes person but the things I have I love. Last year illness meant I lost 17kg. I’ve hardly put any of it back on (not for lack of trying – I have been doing some serious chocolate eating lately!) Now I can wear all the clothes I loved and kept even though they didn’t fit.

Thursday  Empty your wallet
Now it’s getting easier. This one does itself. Stuff tends to fall out.

Friday Clear out cosmetics.
I can do this! I don’t have any!

Saturday donate items.
I am on a roll. I do this all the time.

Sunday Keep It Up
“Now that your home is clutter free…  “

Except that it’s not. I’m still keep my Christmas cards out for a year – they hide the dust and remind me of friends. There are books and papers everywhere. I have more photos and artwork than wallspace. There’s the tapestry I designed – I’m going to do it one day. Family history research – going to do that one day too. I guess I have to face the fact that that I can’t live without my clutter! It’s who I am.

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One response to “So I have a Clutter Problem”

  1. Sandy, just found this blog post- hello fellow clutter/ hoarder- sometimes , just sometimes clutter brings inspiration!

    Lorraine M

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