I can’t make any of the sessions at the Sydney Writers’ Festival this year but if I could, it would be this one. May22 Children’s Literature for Adults. Visiting international publishers Sara Odedina and John McLay are joined by acclaimed fiction writer Margo Lanagan to discuss the increasing adult market for children’s books.

To find this market is growing and gaining recognition doesn’t surprise me. Although it’s only natural as a children’s author I am surrounded by adults who read children’s literature, I have also been sneaking my favourite children’s books into my friend reading stacks without them realising. Often they get offended if I am am caught (I’m not reading a children’s book! they say)but so often, they can’t tell the difference. Not a hope if it’s YA and often not for certain junior books as well! And who could ever argue The Chronicle of Narnia were children’s books only for kids!

So I thought I would make a list of my personal favourite children’s books I think adults will enjoy. In no order. Just my favourite five.

1 The Chronicles of Narnia series – C S Lewis

2 The Tale of Despereaux – Kate DiCamillo

3 The Chronicles of Ancient Darkness series – Michelle Paver

4 A Certain Music – Celeste Walters

5 The Dragonkeeper series – Carole Wilkinson

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  1. I just have to see a Top X Favourite title and I cannot resist joining in.

    1. The Magic Pudding – Norman Lindsay
    2. Winnie the Pooh – A. A. Milne
    3. The William books – Richmal Crompton
    4. Caddie Woodlawn – Carol Ryrie Brink
    5. Bottersnikes and Gumbles – S. A. Wakefield.

  2. SANDY says:

    Lists are fun! We have nothing in common on our two lists and a few of your selections I have never heard of. I’m going to seek them out at the library next visit. Thanks.

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