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How to dress up as a Samurai Kid for CBCA Book Week

I love CBCA Book Week although I think it should be called Book Month because on my calendar, it takes up most of August. The 2017 theme is Escape to Everywhere. Imagine the… Continue reading

Week 3-4 #STUBC16: Where I Want to Visit

Week 3 of the Student Blogging Challenge is  free choice and Week 4 is “About Your World”. Some of my students are doing Activity 7 “The Place I Would Like to Visit Most”. That… Continue reading

Long Weekend Reminiscing – Henry Lawson Festival of the Arts 2008

Tuesday morning and I’m sitting down to work after the long weekend. I have a quick check of Facebook first and discover last weekend Penelope Davie mentioned  that she had been to Henry… Continue reading

A Word About Word Counts

I’ve heard it said you shouldn’t count the words. Write what you want to. Let the story do the driving. Don’t be distracted by the numbers. In a perfect Utopian literary world… Continue reading

An Excuse and a Repost: When a Series Ends

I looked at the date on my last blog post and its a very significant one – a week before my total thyroidectomy operation. I had an excellent surgeon but unfortunately there… Continue reading

When the Blogosphere Speaks, I Listen

I love it when the blogosphere speaks to me personally. Over on my good friend Di Bate’s blog Writing for Children, author Sherryl Clark is writing a post for me. Not that… Continue reading

First Day of Book Week

I love Book Week when schools turn their focus to celebrating books. Even in this National Year of Reading, Book Week remains a highlight, expecially for primary and younger readers. And their… Continue reading

Nevada Young Readers Award

The best thing about writing for kids is feedback from young readers. Kids know how to make an author feel like they have written the most wonderful book in the world. I… Continue reading

Keira High Iquanids

Year 8i (code name Iquanids), an all boys English class at Keira High School, is reading Samuari Kids: White Crane with their teacher. Yesterday I was lucky enough to spend an hour with the… Continue reading

About those ninjas

I’ve always been interested in ninjas. I have a collection of reference books and there are ninjas in two of the Samurai Kids series books – Owl Ninja has Japanese ninjas and… Continue reading