The Teaser Tuesdays meme is hosted by Should Be Reading. It’s easy and fun. Open your current read at a random page and share two sentences from somewhere between lines 7 and 12. There’s one important rule – no spoilers!

I slumped on my throne. So many lives depended on ME. If I failed, I’d be responsible for the deaths of hundreds of kids. Some not even born yet (or more accurately, emptied out of their jars yet). No matter how bad the problem, a little guilt always makes things worse.

Erasmus James, King of Kids Paradise is the second book in D C Green’s Erasmus James series. It’s zany, funny and very off-the-wall. It should have a warning sticker on the front! And I’m going to break the Teaser Tuesday rules with one more line to give the above extract some balance:

The rat screamed, ‘Gyaaaaah’.

If you’re interested or intrigued, the first book, Erasmus James and the Galactic Zapp Machine is now available as a free downlaod from http://www.barrelbooks.com/index.html

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