The Book Faeries Cometh

book fairy

Source: Wikipedia. Creative Commons.

The Christmas book faeries came to visit me last week and left a string of lovely reviews for Sad, the Dog in places I never expected to see them – the Sydney Morning Herald, the weekend Spectrum (SMH), The Age and the New York Times.

Of course, there’s no such thing as book faeries but there was definitely magic happening and I’m thankful to the people behind it – the wonderful team at Walker Books Australia, friends and family, and all the enthusiastic readers who shouted wonderful things across social media.

The Sydney Morning Herald article was headed “Children’s Books of the Year” and here’s what the SMH and the Age had to say: Heartstrings get a workout in Sad, The Dog … This is a moving friendship story about reaching out to the vulnerable. 

And this is what The New York Times, Sunday Book Review had to say: ...a calm and quiet book. Quiet, but not boring; on each page, small details draw the reader’s eyes: a quizzical bird or two, a concerned mouse, a nervous garden gnome, a thoughtful face on a bunny slipper.

Totally unexpected. Totally amazing. spectrum sad the dog

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