The Week That Was #7

Mostly I worked. I took on a new part-time job. Now I have four of those plus writing. The problem with part-time jobs is they are like kindergarten colouring. They never stay inside the lines. They bleed into each other, each sucking up a little extra time until a whole day is gone. I think I’m good at time management so I’m sure I can whip this situation into shape so it doesn’t eat up my writing time like it did this week.

I reviewedOutback Lullaby by Sally Odgers and Lisa Stewart (the illustrations are gorgeous, yes, i said gorgeous, because they are) and Snow White and the Seven Ninjas by Matt Cosgrove for the Funday section in the Sunday Telegraph. Snow White and the Seven Ninjas is the perfect book for older reluctant readers. Lots of illustrations and easy to read but plenty of reading street cred. it looks the part.

I read – Not much. An article about Neil Gaiman in the Sunday paper. He seemed to have everything and I couldn’t help wonder what that felt like.

I researched – more travel writing. I purchased and read Hazel Edwards‘ Non-boring Travel Writing which came with free advice on running workshop tasks. Hazel is as always, knowledgeable and generous.

I downloaded – a program so I could read e-books (like Hazel’s). It’s called Calibre and is an excellent choice of free software to manage an e-book personal library, not just read e-books. But I don’t think I’ll ever have an e-book library, just the occasional necessary title.

I went – to see James Taylor at the ICC in Sydney. the man is a legend, during intermission h e sat on the edge of the stage and signed autographs until it was time for him to pick up his guitar again.

I caught – lots of new Pokemon given 80+ new ones were released. but the biggest catch was one from the first set. A rare Jynx nabbed outside the Chinese Gardens in darling Harbour.
I wrote
– 500 words. That’s all. But they were important ones. A rough draft of the last chapter of Algernon and the Outside Girl. I’m nowhere near finished but when I have the end, I know I can get there. Now I just have to work on getting there faster.

I wasted time playing YAWG– despite last week’s good intentions. But it’s fun. And its words. So that’s okay, right?.

 I’ve been listening toJohnny Clegg and Savuka, In My African Dream. Still. Because I like it a lot. I’ve also worked out how to cast from Spotify on my phone so the whole house explodes in sound.

I failed  – the shopping list test. It’s all fine and good to have your shopping list in the cloud, on-line in real-time to manage expenditure while making trolley decisions – and all linked up to Trello boards tracking food stocks. However, none of this is any use if your phone battery is flat. That’s how you end up with no Nutella. System fail.

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