I was really pleased to find a list of the Top Ten Dream Jobs for Today’s Kids in the Sydney Sunday paper magazine. Writer was there at number 6 and teacher at number 4. Perfect lead in activity for my talk to Year 2 (7 – 8 year olds) yesterday. We had loads of giggles counting the hands to see if the magazine got it right. And then I talked about what it was like to be an author and what authors really did. Then we cross-checked with their teachers to see which job sounded more interesting – teacher or writer. All the teachers wanted to write and I enjoyed my window of teaching! Lots of fun!

Today, one day later, I decided to find and find out where this list came from. There was no source citation in the paper. Now I should know better than to do my research last – after all I am a historical fiction writer. Sadly, it appears the list exactly matches one conducted in Ireland in 2005! Perhaps Australia’s kids of 2009 have the same opinion? Perhaps not. In the end it probably doesn’t matter. As an icebreaker activity it was a huge success and I’ll be using it again!

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