What app saves me the most time?

I have this huge fascination with productivity and anything digital. symballoo

Which is ironic of course, because the more time I spend looking at things like that, the less productive I am. But every now and then, I find something that works.

Symbaloo is a free visual book mark interface. I leave it open in the first tab of my browser all the time.

Why would an author want to use it? Because it places everything I regularly use on-line at my fingertips. 

With one Symbaloo click I can access all my social media, author websites and blogs, business places (even the ATO  portal), research stores, Calendar and To-do, bank accounts and more.

Each button is a hyperlink. Adding, editing and moving buttons is super easy. Default graphics are available for most urls or you can load your own.

If you want, you can have more than one Symbaloo mix. Mixes can be private or public.

My bookmark bar never had enough room and accessing a list from the browser was painfully inefficient. Symbaloo saves my time and that gets a big tick from me.

Educators should check SymbalooEDU. Imagine being able to create a mix of research sites for students or educational apps for a class…

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