SCAN is the quarterly subscription journal of the NSW Department of Education Curriculum K-12 Directorate. It’s full of useful information for authors who want to know what’s happening in the world of education, how books tie to the (NSW) curriculum and how they can provide curriculum resources for their own books.

There is a strong focus on library technology which I particulaly enjoy reading about. Book reviews – fiction and non-fiction – and internet site reviews, are referenced to User Level (Stage) , KLA, Syllabus and SCIS subjects where appropriate. SCAN directs me to the most amazing kid and education orientated web sites. It’s worth reading for that aspect alone.

This month I was fortunate to have two books reviewed in SCAN. It’s always inspiring to get a good review so I am going to quote briefly before rushing off, all inspired, to write some more.

Samurai Kids: Owl Ninja A fast paced plot filled with adventure draws the reader into an ancient world…The second book in the series, this wonderful novel can stand alone as a narrative.

Polar Boy Inuit The harsh reality of this relentless environment , with its dangerous predators, both animal and human, is graphically portrayed in words. This well constructed story is sure to appeal to reader who enjoy historical adventure novels.

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