5 of This or 10 of That – It Ends Here

I’ve read all those posts about crafting snappy, snazzy blog post titles. I’ve even listened a little and I can see the appeal of 5 of this or 10 of that.

5 ways

What blogger/author/person of the world could resist the allure of such headlines full of promise.

There’s ten ways to solve almost anything. Look what happened when I typed 10 Ways to… into Google.

10 ways to live, 10 ways to die, 10 ways to sleep better, 10 ways to have more money, 10 ways to trick your brain, 10 ways to get out at cricket, 10 ways to become a more confident person, 10 ways to burn fat while you sleep.

… you see my point?

10 ways

I love lists. I run my life somewhere between Wunderlist and Trello – wonderful time saving products that help me organise everything from the weekly menu to my latest manuscript.

I like bullet points and simplicity but I am no longer a sucker for blog posts with list based headlines. I am tired of reading the same thing over and over again.


Of course if someone comes up with something completely different, I might just click again.

And its true that I did write one once. 5 ANZ Books that Should be Made into Movies. Oddly enough, it got a lot of views.

Maybe I’m wrong but this weekend I culled my feedly feeds. I was particularly sorry to see LifeHack go. I find the occasional gem there. But I can no longer face thirty blog posts of exactly the same  5 or this or 10 of that format in the hope of finding one with a dot point I haven’t heard before.

I think the Internet is finally running out of lists.

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