Author Steals Books from Library

I can imagine the headline. And it gets worse. Author Steals Own Books from Library. Even worse than that. It was me.

I had a wonderful day on the Southern Highlands. First stop Robertson Primary School where the kids asked some really challenging questions and helped decide what colour Book 5 should be (a royal blue was the popular choice). Then it was on to Glenquarry Public School (who kindly provided a delicious morning tea and lunch – thank you!) along with Kangaloon Public School who dropped in to visit.

I did a K-2 session which was something new for me. The kids I spoke to were too young to read my books but eager to hear the stories and ask questions of a real author (which I did my best to impersonate!). One of my all-time favourite questions will always be this one from a Year 1 boy after a discussion about story-writing: Who marks your work?

Later I was talking with a group of primary school students about the characters in Samurai Kids. Yoshi is always a favourite. He’s bigger than the others but refuses to fight because he once accidentally killed a boy in a wrestling match. Yoshi’s spirit is the Tiger and he was the last of the Kids to find his Spirit. “Yoshi could also be a bee,” suggested one boy. Did he mean because the bee is striped like the tiger? I wondered. “Yoshi is like the bee becuase if the bee stings it will die and if Yoshi fights it will hurt him a lot too.” How wonderful!!! Everytime I speak to a group of kids I walk away thinking “I wish I had thought of that!”

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2 responses to “Author Steals Books from Library”

  1. But why are you turning to a life of crime? Please don’t leave us in suspense.

  2. SANDY says:

    Just a brief vocational detour. I already have three jobs and couldn’t possibly fit in another! Oh wait.. I know… I’ve thought of a good excuse. I am researching a crime novel.

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