Be-bop-a-Luluing a Book Launch

lulu launch Recently I headed to Sutherland Library for the launch of Georgie Donaghey’s gorgeous debut picture book, Lulu.

It was a full house. A crowd of young people nabbed the front row seats eager to hear the story and get close to the author who was wearing a very cool polar bear beanie.

Up the back, a bunch of authors were there to support Georgie, help eat the delicious cakes and hang out for a photo opportunity – a very suspicious looking lot- Deb Abela, Georgie, Susanne Gervay, Bill Condon, Di Bates, Wai Chim, Debra Tidball, moi and Emma Cameron.

lulu authors

lulu cakes

It was a valuable opportunity for me to learn a few expert tips as my picture book is released in October and I will be launching too. I made a few surreptitious mental notes:

1  Be organised. Very organised
2  Ask friends to help – with seating, serving food and craft for children
3  Have an enthusiastic and supportive launcher (Georgie had Susanne Gervay!)
4  Have high quality handouts for attendees to take away and remember – goodie bags for kids, cards for adults
5  Get the media involved
6  Get the library involved
7  Have heaps of fun – we certainly did that!


If you want to know the full inside scoop on how to organise a killer book launch join me here with Georgie.

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