Best Second Hand Bookstores Ever

cantys I was in Canberra last week.

I only had a small window of free time, when #2 son was finally well enough to attend some distance education mini-school sessions at Karabah High in Queanbeyan.

So what to do? Bookstores of course. Whichever were closest.

Two of the best second hand bookstores I’ve ever been in were just down the road in Fyshwick, within a few hundred metres of each other. Canty’s Bookstore and Barry’s Bookstore. Bursting at the seams, shelves double stacked, no room at the cashier counter – reader’s heaven.

Hours. That’s how long it took to browse only parts of these stores. I didn’t have time to stay longer.

There are four mini-schools a year so I know where I’ll be going. Four times a year.




cantys selection

I won’t be so overwhelmed in future and will definitely come away with a bigger pile but I’m very happy with these for now.

Spot the odd one out!

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