Book Week 2012

My feet are tired. My voice is almost non-existent. But I’ve been smiling to myself all night. Book Week is the most wonderful time to be a children’s author.

I spent my second day at Marrickville Library. I’ve never been to Marrickville before but the library is the place to go. Chelsea does a great job with the books and the local schools. I could have talked to her all day (so she was probably glad when the kids turned up and she could escape!).

One of my very first Book Week experience was a CBCA Schools lunch on a harbour ferry. I was lucky enough to sit with Shore librarian Margo Pickering and the libabry monitors. This year I got a chance to catch up again. The boys at Shore had been using White Crane in the classroom so the questions there were quite in depth.

Today I arrived early at Scots College to sit in the sun and watch the Book Parade – cats in hats, buzz lightyear, a zombie ninja and a Harry Potter or two. I couldn’t find the librarian but Tin-tin turned up to rescue me (Hi James!)

You know you’re in trouble when during question time, a Year 5 pulls your book from under his jacket, flips it open and says “Now, here on page 122 …”

These kids make what I am doing lots of fun and they remind me that what I am doing is important – meeting a real author makes reading and writing more accessible. I feel spoiledby their enthusiasm for my stories. And that’s before I even mention the chocolates…

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