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October Roundup: From Russ the Bus to Pokemon Go

I love all the wonderful chatter-filled , meander-down-the-blog-garden-path monthly round-up posts that I read, but *sigh* mine always sound like someone is writing a report. And maybe because, in a way, that’s… Continue reading

Four Ways Tech Can Help Writers With Financial Stuff

Disclaimer: I’m in Australia so that’s the context of my comments. But up to a point, numbers are numbers and taxes are taxes and it all has to be recorded and counted. For… Continue reading

Six ways technology can help writers

Love it or hate it, technology is a survival skill for writers in a world where the Internet dominates communication and culture. The good news is that writer technology has always got… Continue reading

How to Make Time to Write

I didn’t plan to attend Allison Tait’s Make Time to Write session when I was at the Sutherland Writer’s Unleashed Festival in August. I figured I knew all I needed to know about… Continue reading

How to reduce the size of image rich files

The problem: A friend emailed to say her Word document newsletter file was too big and even when she PDF’d it, the file size didn’t decrease. She was stumped. It had never happened before…. Continue reading

To Like or to Retweet? Does it Matter?

It matters. When you Like a tweet, a cute little heart turns red. It’s a warmand fuzzy thing. You’re sending a message that you enjoyed the tweet or found it useful. Somewhere, that makes someone… Continue reading

Goal Setting with Trello

There are lots of posts about setting goals and quite a few about setting goals with Trello. Trello’s tag line is ‘Organise Your Life’ and I can verify that yes, it does… Continue reading