It’s 12.20am and that means I’ve missed two days blogging. So it’s excuses time. First I have been helping revamp The Reading Stack web site. Our editor has decided it’s time to make the reviews available on lineespecially as we get so many requests for copies and this means people can print now them off themselves . My html skills are a little rusty and the Ed decided she wanted a template she downlaoded that had all sorts of bugs in it for me to iron out (And I hate ironing by the way!)

But the real time-consumer, drum roll, I have been created a book trailer for the Samurai Kids series. Now do I have any professional ability in this area? No, I had to learn the most basic stuff! Do I have any graphic skill? No. In my house I’m not even allowed to colour co-ordinate the furniture. But such details have never stopped me before and although I have a long way to go I am happy with my progress and very proud to post the first two slide right here, right now.

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3 responses to “DISTRACTIONS”

  1. It looks great so far!

    I have a friend with a great site for trailers (free). Contact me if you want info.

  2. Ooohhh, I need to get my hands on a copy of White Crane. Woot woot!!

    Tarie 😀

  3. SANDY says:

    Thanks for the vote of confidence Tarie. I had to look up ‘woot woot’ in the urban dictionary and found ‘An expression one may utter in complete approval or joy. eg “Woot Woot!” I said in agreement.’ So now you’ve taught me a new word! PS The Narnia books are on my all-time top 10 and are one of the few original books I still have from my primary school days!

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