Friday Websites for Writers

Today’s website for writers is the cyber home of Brian Falkner, author of Brainjack and The Tomorrow Code.

With my software developer hat on, I am often asked by writing colleagues about web sites. My answer is always: Don’t re-invent the wheel (or the website!). See who is already doing it right. And while you’re looking, the key is…. content, content, content.

Brian Falkner Writes is one of my favourite websites for exactly the reasons above. It’s interesting to look at, lots of reader related content, high-interest trailers on the front page… Check it out and see what I mean. I guarantee you’ll want to click and go deeper into the site.

While the site is visually well designed, it’s most important features are excellent content and navigation. A good-looking site won’t attract repeat visitors unless it has interesting information and things to see and do. And it won’t work if the visitor can’t find them before they lose interest and click somewhere else.

My systems analysis report gives this site 5/5.

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3 responses to “Friday Websites for Writers”

  1. I totally agree, Sandy. Brian’s blog is a goody to follow!

  2. Blogs are great for providing format and themes etc. And so easy to use. But on the flip side of the coin, excluding blogs, I find that there are so many truly awful traditional/standard web pages out there. Brian’s website gets everything right and I always use it as my workshop example!

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