My Goal Setting with Trello

trello I like project plans and schedules and lists. I like lists best and that’s why I love Trello.

Trello can do them all but I like to keep things super easy to manage so my focus is on lists. Trello does that in a format that’s highly visual and easy use.

I’m starting the year using Trello to set personal and professional. If you’re looking for reasons why you should set goals, try these five reasons you should set big goals according to Lifehack.

For me, the reason is very basic – I like to know I’m achieving something, that I am growing as a person and that I have a defined direction to travel. Most of my goals aren’t big and most of them I expect to achieve this year. Many of them will be ongoing, year after year. Trello is the perfect tool to identify and manage them.

How to set goals with Trello

I created a board called Goals – to 2016 and Beyond. A little bit of Buzz Lightyear inspiration. Then I created five lists based on a template by Keith Gutierrezat of Modgility.


The possibilities are endless and Keith’s approach is more detailed, but in keeping with my criteria for simplicity I created 5 basic lists – What I Want to Do, What I Want to Do (Tech), Where I Want to Go, What I Want to Be and What I Want to Have.

Under each list I added cards representing brainstormed ideas which I’ll fine-tune – adding and deleting – until 31 December 2015.

For each goal I entered the month when I intend to begin work on it (1 = January) goals_card

I’m using coloured labels on each card to show the goal status using broad categories – green = going, blue = going, well yellow = stalled, red = not started and purple = achieved.

A little more detail sometimes

For some goals I created checklists attached to the cards to identify the steps or actions which will help me achieve the goal.

Here is the card information for my goal to “Present at the Kids & YA Festival” including a checklist, file attached and due date. Most of my cards don’t have these details. Only those which are time critical or where, in this case, I am working with another person. The due date will generate an email reminder 24 hours prior.

Images can also be added.

You can see a summary of the card details at the bottom of the card in the list.

goal extract

At a glance I can see exactly where I’m at with very little maintenance and minimal setup time.

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