Happy Ninja Christmas

In early December #2 son’s school had a card fundraiser. Perfect timing! As I filled in the form he said, “Don’t be disappointed Mum but we’re not allowed to draw anything to do with Christmas.”

Another casualty to over-political correctness. I respect that many families don’t celebrate Christmas. Sometimes its a cultural issue and sometimes it’s a religious one. In fact most people I know simply celebrate the values Christmas reminds them of- family, goodwill to others and community spirit – rather than the birth of Christ. To me christmas is a spiritual period but I would never force that view on others.

Similarly I think it is wrong to deny the majority children, who celebrate the many variations of the Australlan Christmas, the joy of drawing the icons of the holiday period – the tree, the reindeer, Santa, bells and even the nativity if they want to. Parents who find this inappropriate for their child must already have strategies they use when the child is confronted as early as November by the plethora of Christmas items in the media, stores and general conversation. A little tactful diplomacy could surely see this extended to the classroom.

But ultimately I decided not to make a fuss and to take my lead from #2 son. He wasn’t worried. It was fun to make any card. So we have a wonderful, colourful picture with a ninja bang in the middle and a Christmas message inside:

From me to you, from mine to yours, have a happy ninja Christmas.

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One response to “Happy Ninja Christmas”

  1. Kim H says:

    Hi Sandy,

    I just wanted to stop by and say hi as well as say a huge thank you for the lovely author talk you did at Booktique last week. Lewi and I had lots of fun listening to you talk about your wonderful books and about the art of writing. As a person who loves to write, I felt so refreshed listening to such a down to earth, inspiring writer – you!

    We had to finish The Golden Door by Emily Rodda, which we loved, and so last night we got started on Jaguar Warriors. We are hooked! Can’t wait to continue reading about Atl and his escape.
    Warmest wishes

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