How to dress up as a Samurai Kid for CBCA Book Week

I love CBCA Book Week although I think it should be called Book Month because on my calendar, it takes up most of August.

The 2017 theme is Escape to Everywhere. Imagine the possibilities when nowhere is excluded – up, down sideways or into another dimension – every direction is a destination.

Escape to Everywhere resonates personally. In my family I was the square peg and that made so many things difficult. Books provided an escape for me and as soon as finished school, I left home. My sole possessions were a budgie in a cage, one suitcase containing clothes, a cup, a plate and some cutlery and another bigger suitcase full of books.

Dressing up for Book Week is one of my positive childhood memories. My mother didn’t approve of much (not even homework) but she did like to sew.

If I could dress up now – and a little voice inside me says its’ probably not too late (authors can get away with a lot when it comes to foolish fashion) – I would be a samurai. And not because of the Samurai Kids series but because it’s such a cool outfit (and it comes with a sword!)

It’s an easy dress-up option especially for a kid with a karate uniform. I know from many years of parade-viewing, it’s particularly popular with boys for Book Week.

Here are some places to find ideas:

1  Scholastic has the most amazing costume made out of egg cartons and a cardboard box. It has to be seen to believed. So simple, so spectacular.

2  An easy way to make a katana (samurai sword) from cardboard

3  A printable for a samurai helmet

4  If a ninja costume  appeals more (the hood is made from a T-shirt)

Or you can pick up a bargain for under $15 on eBay.


This post is part of my Post from Posts series where I am inspired by the blog posts of colleagues and friends. So if your child doesn’t want to be a Samurai Kid, they might like to be Archie from Archie and the Bear. Instructions for Archie and the Bear can be found on Zanni Louise’s blog. Or maybe Quinn or Ash from the Mapmaker Chronicles. Instructions can be found on Al Tait’s blog. 


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