I’m Getting a Teacher for Christmas!

One of my favourite bookshops is Asia Bookroom in Canberra. It’s a store I could browse all day in.

This year Asia Bookroom is celebrating Christmas in a unique and wonderful way. They are collecting donations so that the Nepalese children in the remote region of Bakhapalam can employ another teacher to enable the students to finish up to Year 10. Otherwise the children have to either drop out of school altogether or walk 2 hours to the nearest high school.

Only $3320 will pay for a teacher’s salary for a year.  $10 for each day.

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Asia Bookroom have a special Christmas tree and are seeking help to decorate it. A donation of just $10 will pay for one day’s salary and a red bauble will be put on the tree. A $20 donation (blue bauble) pays for 3 days’ salary, $50 (green) takes care of 5 days, and $100 (gold) takes care of 10 days. 

So when my family asked what I wanted for Christmas I told them ‘a teacher’.  There’ll be a green bauble on the tree for me!

For more information visit http://www.classroomsintheclouds.org/ 

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One response to “I’m Getting a Teacher for Christmas!”

  1. Sally Hall says:

    Thanks Sandy,
    I’m forwarding this to a friend right now to suggest we do this instead of our usual gifts for each other.

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