There are many excellent blogs reviewing children’s and YA books. A new one which I am already a regular visitor to is Robin Gaphni’s The Book Nosher. Robin is passionate about children’s literature – in her work, her studies and ‘hands-on’ as a parent.

So far she hasn’t reviewed a single title I’ve recognised – and that’s great because I am discovering lots of new books. Robin carefully identifies the target audience for each title – taking into account a range of factors including, age, literacy level, gender and interests – as well as adding her own unique perspective.

She not only writes excellent reviews but provides that ‘something extra’. Each review is accompanied by “Tidbits” where facts about the author and the book and relevant links are provided. But my favourite part is “Activities” where Robin suggestes activities to support a reading of the book. I’ve already borrowed quite a few of her ideas.

[The image accompanying this post comes from another favourite site of mine, Jeff Bucchino’s The Wizard of Draws. He does some absolutely ‘magical’ work’ (go look and see what I mean) and today’s image, while it suits this page, isn’t a good indication of the scope of his work and talent. While I’m talking about wonderful illustration… drop into The Well Read Rabbit where a little white floppy-eared heart-stealer lives.]

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  1. Thanks Sandy! And you’ve just recruited a new fan for The Book Nosher, too 🙂


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