I don’t normally do In My Mailbox posts because I am spoilt rotten when it comes to receiving great books in the mail. I’m the Reviewer Co-ordinator for The Reading Stack so while I don’t get to keep them all I do get to manhandle them!

But today I received super-terrific mail – the first copy of Shaolin Tiger, the third book in my Samurai Kids series. And also in the envelope were copies of the UK editions of White Crane (Book 1) and Owl Ninja (Book 2). Best mail for the month! I’m biased but I’m thrilled!

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3 responses to “IN MY MAILBOX”

  1. I review for Walker, and got a flyer the other day, recommending Sandy Fussell books. I thought…”Hmm, I know that name…” and then it clicked (I’m blondish under the feathers!)

    Do I need to read Books 1 and 2 first?

  2. SANDY says:

    No, you don’t need to read Books 1 and 2 first. I like to think that the kid who picks up a book mid series can enjoy it just as much as the reader who starts for the beginning. The covers are so wonderful I’m sure they will attract attention mid series. (Personally, Shaolin Tiger is my favourite cover so far!) Any back references are well explained and not key to enjoying the story. But I always secretly hope any reader who starts part way through will enjoy it enough to go back to the beginning. As a parent I love series – it’s the easiest way to get my boys to read another book!

  3. Came back to visit and saw your reply here, for which, thanks.

    I love the “own a word” game you mentioned on my blog.

    When we lived in China, we went to the Shaolin temple in Henan province. My son actually found a shuriken (sp?) there, half-buried under a tree.

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