Instagram and the #Wintercomfortbookchallenge

I am a cat Instagram has been on my To Do List for over a year.

There’s so much social media and so little time. I kept stoically ignoring the beautiful pictures appearing in my Facebook feed. After all, I reasoned, I’m useless with a camera. But when I heard about the #wintercomfortbookchallenge via most excellent book people Susan at ReadUpsideDown and Megan at ChildrensBookDaily, I knew I couldn’t resist.

Unlike, other social media, Instagram wasn’t intuitive for me. I had to Google simple tasks like how to rotate a photo and I still managed to mess it up, posting before I finished editing the picture. Big learning curve. I’ve got it happening now, although I had to do a few retro posts as I missed the starting gun with my Instagram-challenged brain cells.

I’m looking forward to 16th July when the theme is Book and Pet. My Burmese Cat, Tega,  has been modelling a few poses and checking out the surprising number of fiction books I have with “cat” or some other type of feline in the title, to see which one he wants his picture taken with.

There’s The Cat in the Hat, The Princess and the Panther, How to Tell if Your Cat is Plotting to Kill You, White Tiger, The Tiger’s Tale and my own Jaguar Warrior and Shaolin Tiger.

So far the front runner is I am a Cat, a wonderful  translation of the Japanese classic by Soseki Natsume. It’s a wonderful cover too. I think this is the one Tega has chosen. He sat on it a number of times!

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