Lunching with the Star

I went out for lunch today. Not something I often do and I almost missed the occasion – failing to notice the change in road conditions and heading on a 40 minute detour (there was one exit-and-turn-around point but it was blocked by an rainy-road-related accident). Luckily I am an over-organised Virgo type and had left 30 inutes early!

The occasion was to celebrate the recent Prime Minister’s Literary Award for Young Adult Fiction shortlisting of my good friend Bill Condon (see Sandy name drop!) who has long been one of my writing heroes. Bill is an author who labours over every word but never at the expense of the story telling. I wish I could write like he does.

I am very proud to say I was there for the birthing process of Confessions of a Liar, Thief and Failed Sex God and was lucky enough to be privy to early drafts and even invited to offer opinions. I voted against the title – yes, what would I know – don’t ask me for title advice!

Around the table were Bill’s wife Di Bates, author Mo Johnson and Buzz Words editor Vicki Stanton. A good meal, the company of friends and a reason to celebrate. I don’t mind detouring half way around the Illawarra for that!
Congratulations to all the wonderful shortlisted authors in every section of the PM’s Awards. I am thrilled to see so many familar names and books I have already enjoyed.

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