A fortnight ago (before I got sick and my blog world crumbled) I was fortunate to be invited to speak at the Macarthur Lifeline Book Fair along with my friend and fellow author, Di Bates. We’re both ex-locals so it was a coming home sort of event for us. I was born in Camden and went to Camden South Public School and later Camden High School. Di taught in Campbelltown, edited a local newspaper and lived at Cawdor.

I had a wonderful time, talking to people, reconnecting with a few old schoolfriends and what does one inevitably do at a book fair… browsing and bagging a few (no, a whole bag full) of bargains. Here is what I found for me – not to mention the books I brought home for other family members.

Korea Old and New: A History There’s always a treasure to be found at book fairs and for me, this was it. I am mid researching and writing Samurai Kids 5 (title still unknown *grin* write it and it will come). It’s set in Korea and resource material is hard to find. Obviously I need a trip there but my research funds won’t stretch that far. The Internet has sadly let me down. On-line book shopping has not fared much better. Libraries have left me empty handed. Bits and pieces are falling my way but this – from the Korea Institute of the Harvard University – pure gold!

Boy Overboard Because G is for Genius and G is for Gleitzman. I couldn’t let this perfect condition copy of Boy Overboard languish any longer. It’s my mission to personally guide it to a good home. I know a kid who will love this.

The Secret Knowledge of Water This is a strange book. Beautiful poetic language in what is a non-fiction account of a man (a ranger I think, I haven’t read more than a few chapters) mapping out water deposits in the US deserts. “There are two easy ways to die in the desert: thirst and drowning.” It just know I need to read this and I know it’s going to be great atmosphere and setting research for my next historical novel which involves a trip across the desert.

Pooh and the Philosophers Because Pooh never was a bear of little brain. Only one so smart could deceive us all so well for so long.

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