Meet My Latest Writing Distraction, Hedghog

This is Yona. Some people say he’s a Burmese Cat but I think he’s a Writing Distraction Cat. When I’m trying to write he likes to walk across my laptop keyboard. All sorts of strange things happen then. Things I didn’t even know my laptop could do.

Yona is the name used for hedgehogs in Richard Adam’s Watership Down. This Yona is short, stumpy and very cute. A bit like a Hedgehog except not prickly at all. When he’s feeling  tired from all the running around that Hedgehogs do, he sleeps on my lap. Then I can get some writing done.






#1 son’s girlfriend posted a picture of him on Twitter and he notched up 245 likes. More likes than any tweet of mine ever scored. #catsofinstagram #catsoftwitter beware.


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